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three letter word photo.

From left to right:  Mel, Louise and Duck - three letter word

The band, ‘three letter word’ has recently had a CD launch that was most successful.  This band also performed some of their own brand new compositions, and their music was accepted with enthusiasm, so much so that some people who attended the launch were already asking when would their ‘new stuff’ be recorded and released.  'three letter word' have also been selected for an exciting project called "Airplay 2006", and placed  on a rock sampler CD which has already been sent to community radio stations around the country.  

The members of the trio have a private joke about the way the name of their band originated.  “We also felt that ‘four letter words’ were getting too much attention and that there are many good controversial and interesting ‘three letter words’.  There should be more attention to those,” drummer Duck says jokingly.  “And of course the name describes very well our band with its three members”.

Music has always been a passion for each of these band members.  “Even as a kid I was always miming songs and dancing around in my bedroom using my hairbrush as a microphone, and from a young age I seemed to have songs in my head.  I actually wrote my first song when I was eight", says Mel.  “It was pretty bad!” she continues jokingly.  “I always thought I was going to be either a musician or an actress, because I am really very dramatic," she adds with a laugh.

One of Duck’s influences arrived from an uncle who appeared in many theatre productions and operas.  “As kids we use to go along to his shows and so we became interested in music too.  In addition I like hitting things!  So I wanted to play drums because they are noisy and I have always enjoyed listening to music," explains Duck.

Mel and Duck informed me that Louise has a natural talent and does not practice much “but she always comes up with the goods”.  Originally Louise was a guitarist but now she has mastered the bass guitar.  In the band’s early days Louise was shy about her singing voice and had to be persuaded to sing.  To assist her with this scary undertaking she needed to relax by taking some beer and chocolate!  Since those early days Louise has come out of her shell and now she even sings some main parts in a couple of the band’s songs, ‘Haunted’ and 'Are You Still There?'  Mel and Duck both admire Louise's voice and they feel she has “beautiful backing vocals”.

As most bands do, ‘three letter word’ dreams of being a big success, but the band members made it extremely clear that there were certain things they would NOT do to achieve this!  “Taking our clothes off is one of them," says Duck.  “And we are not going to be the Pussy Cat Dolls,” continues Mel in a joking manner but with great sincerity!   “We don’t want to lose respect and our integrity by doing really stupid things," explains Mel. 

“It’s about the music and what we can say through our music and hopefully we can get people to think about the lives that they live,” says Mel.   Duck adding, “And the way they treat other people in the world."

This is a relatively young band with very high musical ethics that can only be admired.  The trio feel that some performers do not dress very well (that is, too provocatively) and they are not happy with “some of the language that comes out”.  The band has concerns about kids being brought up in that environment. 

This trio has high musical standards and each member feels that a great deal of today’s music is just commercial and cheap, because so many people out there are just trying to make piles of money with no real passion or meaning.  “I think there are many people out there who just want to be famous,” Mel says.  “We don’t really see this being all about us.  It is more about the music and whatever we can convey through that.  If we happen to make some changes, whether it is just in our community or if it branches out more than that, then fantastic!  We are not going out there just for the sake of appearing on television.  That’s not what it is all about.  But is certainly is a great bonus if that comes along too!”

The band members are very good friends and feel they connect as individuals on a friendship level as well as musically.  It has been that way ever since they first met in 1998.  Mel remarked that Duck is the first drummer she has ever played with who knew where she was going with a song.  Mel says Duck could always back her up even if she made mistakes!  For the first gig they played together Duck had only two weeks to learn fifty songs, and this included only two rehearsals.  Their music chemistry together certainly saved the group, otherwise it could so easily have been a disastrous gig.  This was at the time when the group played in a five-piece cover band, but now they play and write their own music.  The trio feels that the way they got together was really natural, and they all agree that they would not want to work with anyone else.

‘three letter word’ is hoping to get out there and touch more people in some way and “infect” people with their music in a positive way.  The trio is eager to play more gigs for many more people who have not yet heard them.  They are also keen to travel to different parts of Australia and the world to perform.  The band members would also like to make a film clip but they realise this will depend on finances.  They would like to work with someone who has the same passion about the band’s work as they do.

As with most Australian musicians the band has concerns about music venues within Australia closing down, whether it is to do with noise limits or venues being made into more residential areas.  Musicians such as ‘three letter word’ require a place to play and to be heard, so let’s pray that music conquers and that many music venues remain open to support the wonderful talent we have, talent such as we have found in ‘three letter word’.


The music of Melbourne based band, three letter word shows a convincing case that the fire and spirit of melodic rock/pop is still alive and well.  Mel’s soaring vocals defines a vocalist of incredible range and dynamics.  The dazzling blend of Mel’s voice plus the backing vocals of Louise and Duck illustrates high-quality melodies and singing.  The guitar work is incredibly versatile, where at times showcases ‘three letter word’s’ heavier rocking side.  This along side Duck’s energetic drumming, it is apparent that ‘three letter word’s’ music demonstrates the band has a great creative chemistry.  

Some of the band’s songs are powerful, at times slightly political, but always emotionally honest. There is a great deal of diversity and talent that went into each EP, self-titled ‘three letter word’ and ‘Therapy’.  The band’s music has some hard rocking songs and has some soft melodies.  The music takes you on a musical journey with its many contrasting moods and atmospheres.  The fact that their two EPs are performed by a group that is relatively unknown to the Australian public makes this even more astounding.   Both EPs are available for sale at their gigs, or by contacting the band.  

Recommended – Yes

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Article and review by Chrissy Layton, AusNotebook Music & Creative (17/4/06)

'three letter word' have previously done gigs to support young people at risk and the
Cancer Council (relay for life).  The members support other organisations that deal with Fair Trade and justice and equality for ALL people.  The band also has a big heart for underprivileged people, but also believe in causes that are about protecting the environment (including all the wonderful animals in it!)


moving book with pages that come out Newsflash THE BAND HAS SADLY BROKEN UP AND ANNOUNCED THIS TO THEIR FANS ON 14 OCTOBER, 2007.  



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