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'Breathe Easy' encompasses a diverse combination of atmosphere and demonstrates Jessie Sparks’ unique and powerful vocal range.

The sultry and seductive sounds of Jessie Sparks’ eternal vocals combined with the charismatic backing-music, mode these versatile enchanting classic originals displayed on Jessie's latest CD.


Words, Music & Vocals by Jessie Sparks
Piano, Keyboard & Organ by Nathan Liow
Acoustic & Electric Guitar by Mark Donnelly
Electric & Double Bass by Ken Lim

Produced by Jessie Sparks
Engineered & Mixed by Matthew Voigt
Mastered by Ross Cockle

  'Breathe Easy' album - Jessie Sparks - AusNotebook Music & Creative.
       - Range of pop, soul, acoustic, upbeat ballads -
         Recorded at Sing Sing Studios 2007

Singer/songwriter Jessie Sparks' interest in music started at an early age of four when she started playing the piano.  Learning to play guitar, violin, flute and percussion soon followed.  She has been performing professionally since the age of fifteen in a variety of locations including Canada, the United States, New Zealand as well as Australia.

Jessie's musical background includes both grandparents appreciating music.  She takes note of the advice she has been given by her grandfather, “who is a brilliant pianist and guitarist and who is self taught and still is jamming at 82”.  Jessie remarks how both grandparents can often be spotted at her gigs.

Jessie’s latest album – Breathe Easy combines the effects of various instrumentation.  The album focuses on ensuring that the music does not become dated and can be enjoyed in years to come.  “Specific music can date a tune and a track very quickly,” Jessie explains. “At the end of the day, something that is very acoustic and organic like a real piano or bass and guitar is timeless….  So I wanted to make sure whatever I made was timeless and someone could fit it in or enjoy it in years to come.” 

Jessie is proud of the fact that her music can be performed on various levels from solo or with a six piece band. All of 12 tracks on the album have been performed with just piano, just guitar, her trio as well as with a full band.  "I change my delivery sometimes," Jessie explains. "It can be very much soft and sweet and emotional, and other times it is more gutsy and energetic and loud and upbeat. It's awesome to know that if I needed to do a performance or re-recording, the songs are versatile. It was really cool to discover they can all be pulled off with different ensembles".

Breathe Easy self title track relates to the busyness of life.  “Things in every regard can become quite heavy or busy,” says Jessie. “It is just a little reminder that ‘note to self’ to take it easy, and focus on the things and what is important.  So I can remind myself to do that, and suggest it to others…. Breathe Easy is a very important idea for all of us, especially big city folk and the commercial world ….”

The track You and Me was inspired by the passing of Jessie’s mother a few years ago.  You and Me highlights the emotions that Jessie was experiencing at that particular time and she feels this song has the strongest connection with her emotionally.

"You and Me is pretty special, pretty raw, to write it and to record it, then to perform it as well, in relation to my mum,” says Jessie.  “My mother was a very phenomenal parent and person who probably has influenced me in all the music… I was dealing with a lot when writing, particularly that song, so she’s in there."   

One of Jessie’s favourite tracks to perform live is Walk a Mile.  “When performing in NZ [New Zealand] just recently, I jammed out all tunes with a full five or six piece band.  One of the tunes that was a real hit was Walk a Mile.  The mid-section of this track takes on an ‘alter hip-hop’ feel producing lots of energy and you can really give it your all…. And live, that goes down incredibly well”.   

Another feature that the Breathe Easy album has is a versatile style.  “That’s something I kept in mind,” she says.  “There are some styles and tunes that you can only dance to or only can exercise to or you could only cry to, but to have something a little bit versatile or a little bit neutral was my aim….” 

The album is original and comes across very real.  “It has nothing portentous from my end, in relation to any of my words or delivery, it couldn’t get anymore raw, I haven’t put on a show for anybody,” Jessie reveals.  “The album was enjoyable because it was a pleasure to do and it’s even a pleasure to listen to”. 

Song writing is often a big release for Jessie, being helpful in situations where something is not going right in her life, or when something is completely overwhelming, whether concerning family, life or a burst of energy. 

“On the other hand [song writing] can be really inspired and motivated and excited by something that’s gone down,” remarks Jessie.  “Or sometimes if you’ve got a quiet moment, and some time to kill I’ll just jam out on the keyboard, or piano, there is no consistency in my method at all”.  Jessie generally writes music and song words together and she is most inspired when at a piano or keyboard. 

Jessie plans to stay true to herself and plans to write and play the music that she is compassionate about rather than just endeavouring to be famous. Upcoming gigs include a large showcase in January/February 08 and Jessie also plans to do public and private performances throughout the year. There are also possibilities of Jessie performing in Los Angles pending how this coincides with what is happening with her schedules on the home front.

We look forward in hearing more from this multi-talented Melbourne based artist in the upcoming months.


Article written by Chrissy Layton, AusNotebook Music & Creative 7/1/08


To keep up to date what is happening with Jessie, log onto her  website links:



Jessie recently did a charity performance for Youth Challenge Australia which gives local youths opportunities to help build communities in devastated countries abroad. 

She also supports homeless organisations. “If I had not the support network around me when growing up I wouldn’t have had the life experiences and even the motivation to achieve goals or do the album without family and friends."  There are a couple of youth homeless charities in Melbourne". 


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