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DizzyGotheca, Australian Brisbane Band comprising of Heidi Millington and Anthony Smith.  Photo taken by Chrissy Layton, AusNotebook Music & Creative


Brisbane’s artistic duo, DizzyGotheca, demonstrates that the evolving and never-ending diversity in Australian music is alive and well.  The band’s edgy and experimental electronic effects give the band its signature sound. The duo comprises Heidi Millington (lead vocals and keys) and Anthony Smith (vocals, and the sound effects of electronic beats and drones).   The band’s unique sound can reflect pain and confusion by having multiple layers of dark and electronic rhythms. Anthony’s electronic music skills bring a mixture of chaotic electronic insanity.  Some of the band’s music has a very eerie, churchy feel to it, while other parts have a great beat that sticks in your head.  Their music can also create a chilled-out atmosphere.  

Heidi’s amazing and versatile vocals have even been compared to the sound of the ‘wailing of mermaids’.   Given all the crazy experimental sounds, their music is very structured and complex. “We don’t really fit into a category, we are a little bit too structured to fit into the electro-clash, and we are a little too strange for some people who like straight rock,” comments Heidi.

DizzyGotheca’s name stems from a plant!  Heidi explains, "But it fits us well.  'Dizzy' kind of relates to the band messing around with electronics, and 'Gotheca' hints at gothic themes which are strong influences for me, a darker, broody, moody type of music. The band also enjoys experimenting with electronic beats; not just normal beats but strange beats that are twisted in different ways.” 

DizzyGotheca is drawing from some influences of the past and also making music that is personal and new. “Because we combine unorthodox beats and noise with melody, we are different to many bands who are playing in Brisbane and other places at the moment.  But you can still hear influences  of course,  such  as  Curve,   Tori  Amos,  Bjork,  NIN, Aphex  Twin,  Kate  Bush,  Portishead   and   also local  bands  like  Collapsicon, Monster Zoku Onsomb to name just several", says Heidi. 

The band writes its own music and occasionally does cover versions, often making the original songs almost unrecognisable.    “With electronic music there is many different things you can bring into it easily, so you can use a lot of intuition.  It’s very easy to create what you want to hear.  Because you have all these different virtual instruments that you can use, it a little less rigid than the guitar,” explains Heidi. 


DizzyGotheca, Australian Brisbane Band comprising of Heidi Millington and Anthony Smith.  Photo taken by Chrissy Layton, AusNotebook Music & Creative   Their music and performance highlight that they both have experience behind them, and are in tune with each other.  So what makes it work with them?  “We are both really committed to our music, and reliable," says Heidi.  The pair knew they would hit it off when  they  discovered  they  both  loved Kate Bush.  “We have such similar tastes in music and Anthony is such a nice person.  We often send each other lyrics, and when we get together they become a song.  It usually does not become a song until the music is there.  We also have the same problems with men lately and have similar experiences that we can write about!” laughs Heidi. 
Meeting through a mutual contact, Heidi and Anthony ended up as a duo in March 2005.  Heidi feels that Anthony and herself really jell.  She thinks having two people in the band is a real good dynamic.

Heidi began her love for music at an early age, and began playing the piano at the age of six. “There was a while where I did not realise that you don’t have to be ‘perfect, perfect!’ When I was around 24, I finally said that ‘I’m good enough, I can do this’, and that was actually with the guitar.  You just have to share it with people and then it grows.  Back then I thought I had to be some legend, amazing guitarist, a technical stunning thing, right from the start, but with music you learn by mistakes and just keep striving for excellence,” says Heidi.  "And sometimes it is the simplest music that is the most beautiful."

Heidi’s talent does not stop at music.  She is a DJ on 4ZZZ, and is currently studying at Griffith University (PhD in Environmental Engineering).   Heidi actively supports Engineers Without Borders, and is passionate about reaching out to the community, and making the world a better place  for  everyone.    She    also  supports Amnesty International, and has performed at events for them, and believes in the rights of animals.

The band currently has a demo CD and is aiming at recording a studio CD.  They plan to tour Australia, concentrating on Melbourne and Sydney.  The band hopes to take a couple of their favourite bands with them on tour (one being another upcoming Brisbane duo, the talented ‘This Winter’).  It is apparent from the style of DizzyGotheca that Brisbane music has an excellent variety of talent which is making its mark in the Australian music industry.

DizzyGotheca website is www.dizzygotheca.com


  DizzyGotheca, Australian Brisbane Band comprising of Heidi Millington and Anthony Smith.  Photo taken by Chrissy Layton, AusNotebook Music & Creative

Article and photos by Chrissy Layton, AusNotebook Music & Creative (23/6/06)



Amnesty International:  www.amnesty.org.au

Engineers Without Borders:  www.ewb.org.au

4ZZZ 102.fm:  www.4zzzfm.org.au   (Tuesday nights @ midnight)   

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