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CATE SHAW - Australian Musician

The Rolling Stones still get their rocks off, Madonna is still in the groove and Cher certainly doesn’t need to turn back time. It stands to argue that being over 50 is a poor excuse for musical extinction.  Look out Brisbane and make way for baby boomer Cate Shaw. Cate's singing talent masters a fresh combination of Latin style, a serving of contemporary, a pinch of blues, and some jazz numbers for good measure.
Cate has previously recorded for the ABC in Sydney and has done radio work with Radio National and ABC FM radio, her voice featuring in various radio serials. Radio 4BC and local radio ABC breakfast show (and now AusNotebook Music & Creative!) have had the pleasure of scoring an interview with the seasoned musician whose love for music is in her genes.  Indeed Cate has been singing all her life, her budding talent unearthed early on as one half of a duo with her brother,
Thomas Fitzgerald, an academy award nominee for his animation film 'Turtle World'  and a well-known professional composer and musician.  The successful kinship is set to reunite as Thomas as the producer with Cate eager to record a solo CD in May 2007.

But family was not always conducive to musical success. In the 70s Cate was a session singer and performed with artists such as
Rick Springfield and Robbie Porter.  When she was sixteen she was offered a part in the musical ‘Hair’ with Marcia Hines but was denied this rare opportunity because her father caught wind that there was nudity in the production!  “He’s never lived it down”, says Cate jokingly. "However my father is now very supportive of my return to my singing career".

After meeting her husband in
Europe, life and family commitments put Cate’s singing career on hold.  When she turned 50 a couple of years ago she “freaked out” and realised she needed music back in her life.  Soon after this realisation took place, the doors seemingly re-opened for her.  “A lot of friends from the 70s have miraculously appeared in places where I am”, she says.  The flame of old friendships rekindled; one spark ignited another and Cate was soon introduced to music teacher
Ingrid James who helped her “discover her voice again”.
  Latin Blue's Cate Shaw.  Photo taken by Chrissy Layton, AusNotebook Music & Creative.

Cate Shaw doing what she loves



Stew and Cate.  Photo taken by Chrissy Layton, AusNotebook Music & Creative.


Ingrid is also to thank for introducing the vocalist to Stew, who teamed up with Cate to form the band Latin Blue that Cate has performed as the lead vocalist. Cate was well on her way to moulding Latin Blue which she envisioned as having a similar feel to the band Sergio Mendes
Brazil 66. 

Cate's general feeling about her music with Latin Blue and her solo career is as follows: "I don’t want to be like everyone else, I  want to be a little bit different,” she explains.   Cate plans to do this by her delivery and the way she presents herself including changing songs to suit her style.  Cate thrives on sounding different.

Future plans for Cate Shaw includes playing at corporate gigs and two or three high-class charity gigs a year, “and a lot of really nice parties!” says Cate. She will also be performing on
8th March, 2007 at The Bank, cnr Anne and Brunswick,
Fortitude Valley (Brisbane) starting at 8pm.

Stew and Cate

Cate Shaw’s favourite charities are the Salvation Youth Outreach Centre in Baxter Street Fortitude Valley, and Mission Australia

Article written by Chrissy Layton, AusNotebook Music & Creative 19/2/07

moving book with pages that come out NEWSFLASH Stew is no longer performing with Cate. On each Sunday commencing February 28th, 2010 at the Urban Hotel, 345 Wickham Tce,  Brisbane there will be live Jazz from 2pm to 5pm.  High Tea and Tapas menu will be offered and table bookings will be available as well as free parking . Cate will be supported by Dave Spicer on keys, Andrew Shaw on double bass, and Dave Cotgreave on drums/percussion. She has recorded for the ABC in Sydney, doing radio work with Radio National and ABC FM radio, her voice featuring in various radio serials and music projects. She worked with Armstrong's Studios as a session singer. Cate has performed at many public, private and corporate venues nationally and internationally. Cate’s latest cd ‘So Nice’ was recorded with these musicians at The Brisbane Jazz Club. Her website is www.cate.net.au


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