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Sana Mammo - KIDZ 2 KIDZ Project 


Meet Sana Mammo, Queensland Australian of the Year for ‘Local Hero – Metropolitan 2006’.  Iraqi born and with three children of her own, Sana sacrificed her career as a civil engineer to become director and organiser of the inspirational Kidz 2 Kidz Project.  The project builds civil communities and bridges world peace through children.

The Kidz 2 Kidz project began with Sana’s own concerns about the misunderstandings many Australians have about what is happening in Iraq and in the Iraqi communities within Australia. 

"The whole idea came about in March 2003 when the war started with Iraq and Australia joined the coalition," she says.  "My nine year old daughter was targeted with prejudiced comments at school such as this: ‘Your mother was born in Iraq so we don't want to play with you if the war starts, because Iraqi soldiers will be shooting Aussie soldiers’.  I felt straight away, if my daughter is targeted because of the war, what will happen to the refugees, the genuine refugees? How will they feel?" 

Despite the prejudice towards Sana’s loved ones, she advocates tolerance and compassion while amending ignorance and misunderstanding.   "I adore Australia, and I believe it's not their (the public's) fault because they really don't know what is going on.  They hear what the negative media is feeding back to them.  So they really need to hear the real story about the Iraqi people, never mind the governments!"

Sana approached schools where refugees were integrated with the mainstream pupils and organised workshops to assist in the integration. The result was the Kidz 2 Kidz CD – a compilation of inspiring songs with lyrics written and performed by children.  As testament to children’s capacity to forgive and the positivity of Sana’s work, the children who previously targeted Sana’s daughter ended up singing with her daughter.  Sana also talks directly to communities and speaks publicly to various organisations.  “When people meet you personally they hear what you have to say in a different way.  There is no media, there is no tampering with the story and that's how views can be changed.” 

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Sana Mammo photo by Chrissy Layton   


Sana's Kidz 2 Kidz Project gained recognition from the Prime Minister, the Iraqi government and the Pope.  In July, 2005 the project travelled to England to perform in a school that fifteen-year old Iraqi, Ali Abbas attends.  Ali's story was beamed around the world when he lost his parents and both arms when his home was hit by a US missile during air raids in Baghdad in March 2003. Children presented Ali with koalas and the Kidz 2 Kidz CD.  In return, Ali presented a painting he did with his feet of a mosque and a church.

  Members of the Kidz 2 Kidz Peace Choir.  Article written by Chrissy Layton, AusNotebook Music & Creative.
        Members of the Kidz 2 Kidz Peace Choir - photo provided by  of S Mammo

In November 2005 Sana responded to a plea for help from the Arch Bishop of Iraq by organising the Kidz 2 Kidz Peace Concert, which raised funds for an Iraqi orphanage where Sana herself once attended school.  The funds raised from the concert will fund a two-week visit to Brisbane for two orphans so that the community can help them directly.  For the present this is a safer option then going directly to Iraq.  Sana plans to take the children to theme parks so they can have some fun.  "I'll contact all the people I think will help.  Knowing the Australian people, I believe they will help these kids to see a better side of life. We are hoping to have another concert when they come here.” 

Sana will be inviting children who would like to join her Kidz 2 Kidz Peace Choir.  "We will have membership to cover costs, but they will be trained to sing."  She is hoping to produce a DVD of these children and add additional songs. The Kidz 2 Kidz Project is in great need of resources and sponsors are always welcomed.

Sana Mammo is a sincere, inspirational and passionate woman.  Because of these great qualities she will succeed in achieving her goal.  Her goal, of course, is the promotion of world peace by creating a better understanding between people and communities, and she will do this through the children and with music.  She has made many sacrifices and has already achieved outstanding success since she started her quest three years ago.  In her own words: "Reward is not the money. The reward consists of achieving your goal by seeing smiles on faces and by doing something worthwhile."

 Article written by Chrissy Layton -  AusNotebook Music & Creative 
Revised (7/8/06)


Kidz 2 Kidz CDs can be obtained by emailing Sana on sana6@bigpond.com 
by sending a cheque or money order made out to "Kidz2Kidz Trust"  for $23.00 ($20.00 CD, $3.00 postage and handling), and send it with your mailing details to:-
Sana Mammo, PO Box 801, SUMNER PARK  QLD  4074. 


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