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Brisbane singer-songwriter Tyrone Noonan has been invited to perform at the A & R Worldwide’s annual industry event Musexpo (Music Conference) held in Los Angeles from 29th April - 2nd May, 2007.  Tyrone will be one of three acts representing Queensland.

This vocalist and instrumentalist is no stranger to musical success. His mother is renowned opera singer
Maggie Noonan
, and both Tyrone and his sister Katie Noonan were classically trained. Previously part of the successful band george, which also included his sister Katie, Tyrone has had a number one debut album, won a 2002 ARIA award for Breakthrough Artist and performed sold-out tours of Australia and overseas.  He is now experiencing a successful solo career.

Performing is not this artist’s only talent – Tyrone has worked as a producer, DJ, promoter, composer and event organiser for festivals such as Livid. He has even worked as an investigative journalist, feeding his passion for politics. But of all his creative skills, playing music is his favourite, and he especially enjoys performing as a solo artist.

Tyrone Noonan, photo taken by Chrissy Layton, AusNotebook Music & Creative. Wide-ranging influences such as
The Beatles, The Who and David Bowie, to name just a few, help explain Tyrone’s diversity as an artist. Well-versed in the piano and guitar, the singer-songwriter displays an impressive vocal range and musical aptitude, creating highly emotive songs that fuse rock, pop and soul. 
Tyrone Noonan, photo taken by Chrissy Layton, AusNotebook Music & Creative.

Although Tyrone has had recognition from the music industry, he stresses that the success is not the reason that he writes and plays music. For him it is a passion and a way to express his life through music. He especially enjoys “touching people” with his music. One particular song that comes to mind, called Comfortably Cuddly, is a tune he wrote about a friend frustrated with body image issues. The song shows impressive insight into the pressures that women face to measure up to the magazine models.

Tyrone says that the musical highlight of his career was performing at the 2003 Sydney Festival with george and Jon Lord, Deep Purple’s keyboard player, along with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Originally performed in 1969 by Deep Purple and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the tune mixes grandiose strings and woodwinds with psychedelic rock. In contrast, Tyrone’s personal highlight to date is, as he proudly states, “being an uncle”.

Tyrone Noonan’s debut mini-album, Heavy Soul Part 1, is now available, complete with digital artwork booklet, at all iTunes stores worldwide.

Website address   www.tyronenoonan.com
Myspace address  www.myspace.com/tyronenoonan

Tyrone's favourite charities include Red Cross, Amnesty International Australia, and  Wilderness Society

Photos taken and article written by Chrissy Layton, AusNotebook Music & Creative 2/3/07

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