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Troy Cassar-Daley
Australian Musician

Troy Cassar-Daley knew at an early age that music was his passion.  He always enjoyed listening particularly to Country Music.   For Troy, part of the growing up was playing guitar with his mother who he nagged to play.   Later, he played in a school band and in pubs around his area. These experiences built up a reputation for his music abilities.

This led to Troy getting his first music deal in 1993/1994, which he feels was really important to his career; 

“I wasn't really out looking for a deal so it was nice that I got that deal. Things then just started to roll much quicker than I thought from there, and that's all you need to do and so that was the best step,” he says.



Troy Cassar-Daley, Australian Musician.  Photo taken by Chrissy Layton. AusNotebook Music & Creative.

Since then, Troy has recorded with a range of musicians from the late and great Slim Dusty to Australian Rock legend Jimmy Barnes.

“Playing with Slim was like nothing else. I always dreamed of doing it when I was a kid and you don’t think it will ever come true. ….Organically it happened in a strange way.   I rang his office to ask permission to record a song [The Biggest Disappointment] and he rang back personally to say he didn’t mind if I record the song, but asked me how would you like me to come and do a duet with you?  I said ‘of course I would love to.’ It ended up being the best afternoon. We sat down and recorded the tune.  We spent a lot of time talking about catching bass and perch in our respective rivers where we are from.  Pretty interesting to sit with Slim Dusty and talk about fishing with him…. We had a heap in common which was great.   It was the best time”.  

When Troy sung with Jimmy Barnes, Troy recalls, “I felt pretty chuffed to think Jimmy knew who I was, let alone record a song with me!   He loves Country Music…. A blessing to sing with Jimmy Barnes.  I said to Barnsey  ‘I don’t want to pig dog you’, [I] want to talk to you about an idea. I want to record a duet.    ‘You choose the song, he says’.” 

After listening to some of Johnny Cash’s old records, Troy came up with the song, Bird on a Wire.  He sent it to Jimmy who loved the idea, so they recorded the song about a week and a half later.   

“I told him about trying to get into a gig he was in at Grafton with Chisel.   I was underage. He laughed his head off.   I wasn’t drinking and the gig was as loud as ever. One of the most memorable gigs I have been to in my life.  I had to go in.   Greatest gig!   All the footie players from South Grafton Rebels allowed me to get in.  Most of them related to me!    So they snuck me in through a window.  Just incredible!  Sitting there listening to Barnsey getting into it…”


Troy Cassar-Daley, Australian Musician.  Photo taken by Chrissy Layton. AusNotebook Music & Creative.  

In October, 2007 at the Aria Awards, Troy won Best Country Release. He gives some of the credit to a lucky charm given to him by his young son, Clay, which  Troy mentioned during his acceptance speech.

“I am the worst speech giver in the world and would much rather sing songs than give speeches at awards,” Troy laughs. He recalls how he got the lucky charm.   

“Clay’s idea about the painted rock came from when Troy brought this beautiful rock with a painting on it back from North Queensland, which was given to Troy by a really important aboriginal friend of his.  Clay loved the sentiment of someone passing a rock to someone and indicating ‘take this and keep it in your heart’.  My little guy [Clay] painted me this rock and said ‘Dad this will bring you good luck’, so I said ‘OK I will carry it with me to the Arias’.  And it won an Aria award.    I was chuffed with that, and it brought me luck. I was very happy”.

Having won numerous ARIA and Tamworth Golden Guitar awards, as well as receiving various nominations and other music industry awards, the best award Troy says has been meeting his wife and having children. Troy's wife is Radio 4KQ personality, Laurel Edwards.

“I just love every minute of that and I love being a Dad.  Best reward you will ever get in your whole life”.

Troy is now taking time-out to concentrate on writing songs, and no doubt enjoy being with his family.

“I want to write a really good record and want the time to do that.  I need to understand what path I am on and write the songs. The songs that make me feel good and make other people feel good.  I am ready to go; I need about six months of that. I am right to go with that now, and I am very excited about that”.

Click here for upcoming gigs:    www.troycassardaley.com.au

Article and photos by Chrissy Layton, AusNotebook Music & Creative (1/5/08)

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Non Profit Organisation Support

Troy supports The Fred Hollows Foundation. This organisation was inspired by the work of the late
Professor Fred Hollows who was an eye doctor and skilled surgeon. By reducing the cost of cataract operations to as little as $25, The Fred Hollows Foundation has helped to restore the sight of more than one million people worldwide. 

Troy did a charity show for the foundation seven years ago.  “Good little cheap eye operation.  Pretty rare to find something as life changing as that for that amount of money”, says Troy.