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Kate Miller-Heidke 
Australian Musician


Kate Miller-Heidke is returning home and is planning to do her first Australian tour since 2009.  Kate has been overseas for three years and plans to release her third studio album early 2012.

Kate Miller-Heidke is known for her remarkable angelic voice, but she has a delightful devilish side to her and her wicked sense of humour. This quirkish combo comes out when she’s performs her crowd favourite, Australian Idol a musical spoof about the singing competition show.  Fans can enjoy this performance on her  Little Eve Live DVD. Another crowd favourite is her take on the John Farnham classic, You’re the Voice which includes her comic acknowledge to Farnham during her performance of the song.

“I think he [John Farnham] knows about it [Kate’s version] because we are assigned to the same records label.  But I am not sure.  I have never met him so I don’t know. I know the producer of Whispering Jack has heard it, Ross Fraser.  He is actually the man that found the song to give to John Farnham”.

The audience is not the only ones that have fun. Kate thrives on live performances.

“For me, live performances are where it is at.  There is a special energy you can capture live that you can never capture in a studio recording – two different artistic mediums. 

  Kate Miller-Heidke, Australian musician.  Photo taken by Chrissy Layton, AusNotebook Music & Creative.

As a child, Kate grew up in a musical household. She remembers, “singing before [she] could speak.” She loved the theatre and musicals like, Annie and the Sound of Music.  Her mother was a ballet dancer and encouraged Kate to learn violin which Kate hated at the time.  Kate was always involved in music in some way because it deeply resonated in her and she continued developing as a musician and performer.

In her late teens, she immersed into the Indie Music Scene in Brisbane. She joined her first band and went through a few performance “incarnations”.  Kate joined Pete Murray’s band and says with a mischievous grin that she was “fired”. She decided to form her own band and gigged around Brisbane. 

“[There was] never a conscious moment when I thought I would give it a go. It just kind of happened.  Something I just gravitated towards and I loved playing with other musicians.”

The move to go out on her own and on her own terms has been a great decision for Kate. In 2007, she was nomination for her first Aria and she also performed on the night;    

“[It was an] honour to be there and do a song…  A good night.”

Kate’s performance and singing style has also been compared to Kate Bush;

“A lot of people say the Kate Bush thing as we both kind of have high voices. But I haven’t listened to Kate Bush that much, but have listened to Cindy [Lauper] a lot, and she definitely has influenced me and I like her a lot”.

Little wonder why Kate was asked to open for Cindy Lauper at the Perth leg of Lauper’s international tour.

“At the end of her [Cindy Lauper’s] show, just before she did her encore, she came over and asked, ‘Wasn’t it you who opened for us tonight?’  She got me and Nicole, one of the girls in my band, to join her and we sang Girls Just Want To Have Fun.  An outdoor concert in Perth in front of about 10,000 people with Cindy Lauper, I would say that definitely was a highlight.”

Some of Kate’s favourite Australian artists include Chrissie Amphlett of the Divinyls.  Kate performed a show with Chrissie a couple of years ago.  She also admires Deborah Conway music which had a strong influence on the development of Kate’s own music.  She was a big mentor, particularly when Kate was younger.  Annie Hart is another favourite performer on Kate’s list.

Kate Miller-Heidke has developed her own distinctive style that highlights her brilliant operatic voice with contemporary music, irreverent humour, charm and sound musical talents.  This artistic lady is making waves within the Australian music scene, so even though we may not ever see her on Australian Idol, it is certain we will be graced with more of this talented young performer!

Charities/Non profit support

“I like all the charities that have to do with the environment.  I am an advocate for Earth Hour and I also support Amnesty International.

Sony Music Entertainment Australia released a special benefit compilation CD "FLOOD RELIEF - Artists For The Flood Appeal" for those affected by the floods earlier this year. Kate's track Our Song from her album
Curiouser, is track 16 on the Flood Relief – Artist For The Flood Appeal album.


More information on Kate Miller-Heidke go to her website at www.katemillerheidke.com

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Article and photos by Chrissy Layton, AusNotebook Music & Creative 1/10/2011

  Kate Miller-Heidke, Australian musician.  Photo taken by Chrissy Layton, AusNotebook Music & Creative.