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Corinne Grant is a very busy lady with schedules that include her previous involvement with 'Rove Live', 'The Glass House' and 'Skithouse'.  Even with the popularity and demand that she has a result of being a sort-after comedian and celebrity, Corinne is down to earth and has a very approachable and friendly manner.

Corinne was recently the MC for 'The Last Weekend' event, organised by Unions NSW in Sydney on August 7, 2005.  This event was organised to promote and protect Workers Rights.  For that event Corinne was also involved with a radio advertisement to support the campaign.  “We just did an information advertisement played on commercial radio to tell people that the event is on and to come down,” she said.  “It’s good to be able to use your skills to do something proactive and more concrete than just getting on stage and crapping around.”  She laughs.   When asked if she supported the cause of Workers Rights campaign Corinne states, “Yes, I’m on the National Performance Committee for the MEAA which is my union, the actor's union.  I’m union through and through.”

Corinne has a motor-sports licence which she used when she was part of celebrity Grand Prix.  “My CAMS license is about to run out but I’m a big V8 Supercar fan.  I only did the celebrity Grand Prix which is the only time I’ve raced.   I’ve done two of them now.  But part from that I just try and watch the races whenever I can and I get to them if I am in a town where a race is on.”

  Corinne Grant Australian comedian. Photo taken by Chrissy Layton, AusNotebook Music & Creative.

Corinne Grant supporting
The Last Weekend Event, August 7 2005

Corinne has been a Comedian for “about eight years”.  Her first passion was to be an actress which she “still does a little bit of”.  Corinne explains, “I just started doing stand-up as an acting exercise to see how I’d go, and then I got paid fifty bucks and when you are a student and on the dole fifty dollars is a lot of money.  So I thought I’d keep doing this.  I sort of just fell into it really.”  That is not to say that Corinne does not enjoy being a stand-up comedian.  “I love it.  It’s always interesting and always challenging,” she says about her current career. 

Many in the Australian Creative Industries have a part-time job to support them such as being part of the hospitality industry and so on.  Corinne is one of the talented Aussies that do not need to have other part time work.  “I am one of the rare Entertainers in Australia who can actually make a living by doing it (comedian).  I’m very lucky,” she says.  I am sure Corinne’s fans feel that we in Australia are the lucky ones.

Corinne’s favourite charity is Asylum Seekers Resource Centre in Melbourne, website address www.asrc.org.au    In Corinne’s own words, “They are a non-profit non-government organisation that provides legal services and health services for people who are on temporary visas or who are on Bridging Visa E and are living in a community where  many of them can’t get work permits.  Some of them can’t even get Medicare.  This organisation provides English language speaking skills for them, as well as food, blankets and clothing, everything they need to survive.” 

Article and photo by Chrissy Layton, AusNotebook Music & Creative  (26/9/05)


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