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Sophie Marie, born in Pittsburgh, California, has resided in Australia for the last six years.  She is successfully catering for Australian music lovers, especially those who love their rock.

“People keep talking about the lack of rock that was alive in the eighties.  A lot of those bands are still going; they may not be played on the radio, but people still love them … so I would like to bring back that sound.  It suits my writing style and people dig it.  I get a lot of praise on MySpace [about] how much they love my voice and my music, and I just think that Australian’s particularly like their rock, and [are] ready for some more rock.  And more … hard rock!” Sophia says.

Sophie Marie’s music encompasses a diversity of hard rock, pop rock and powerful ballads.  Her music has been described as being a mixture of Metallica, Guns and Roses and even Madonna

  Sophia Marie - Australian Music.  AusNotebook Music & Creative.

She does not confine her writing to a specific emotion, but uses whatever emotion she may be experiencing at the time to write her music. Her lyrics revolve around love and sex, pain and despair, “All the good stuff!”

“When you are totally in love with someone, you can express it and I have written a lot of love songs and a lot of sexual songs, and it is only when you are actually with someone you can actually appreciate and express this fully.  And it just comes through my music,” she explains.

Her upcoming album Twisted sifts through the emotions of falling in love, wanting that love, then being hurt by that love, which in turn makes you stronger at the end of it all.  But she says each song’s meaning is up the listener to decide.  It is what each song represents for the listener that is important.

Sophia Marie gives great credit to her husband, Stephen, as her inspiration and support:

“If it wasn’t for him I would not be doing this [making music].  He has supported me through everything: my ups and downs (especially my downs), and has pushed me and urged me to continue on when I wanted to quit, … basically told me how good I am and how much he believes in my music, and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be doing it,” she says.

Sophia Marie was not aware of her musical talent until October 2006 after defeating a fear of heights.  Dealing with this fear head on, she accomplished rock climbing which then led her to discover her gift of music.   Like any true musician she is not prepared to comprise her sound, but dreams of being nominated for the Arias.

“It would feel like a sense of accomplishment because I don’t work for money, money is a secondary thing.  I get more kicks out of getting praised ...  So my reward is getting praise for the work I’ve done,” she highlights.

One day she hopes to share her music by touring the world and giving people what they have longed to hear for some time. 


Sophia Marie - Australian Music.  AusNotebook Music & Creative.

Sophie Marie enjoys a variety of Australian music including Vanessa Amorosi even though their style is not the same. 

“I admire Vanessa because she has put a lot of work and time, and her voice!  She’s just been very successful.  She is very strong and has a strong personality and a strong voice to back it up.” 



“I am all about charities, and helping people out, I would do a free gig for any charity”, says Sophie Marie. 

                                                                                       Article written by Chrissy Layton, AusNotebook Music & Creative 6/1/09
                                                                                                                                            Photos courtesy of Sophie Marie
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