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Nick Latta’s humbling experience in winning the King and Queen of Song - original song competition 2008 [and 2009] at Noosa, Queensland was a wakeup call for this talented musician.  Receiving a standing ovation for his performance and winning first prize gave Nick a massive confidence boost, but he is still a little shocked about being selected. 

Finding it difficult to make his mark in Sydney, Nick has made the brave decision to relocate to Noosa, leaving his family and friends.

Reflecting on his experience in Noosa while residing in Sydney: “I never felt so good in my entire music career as apposed to playing in Sydney” and he could not wait to return.

 “I’m ready to quit my job [that pays the bills].  It might work up there [Noosa] for me, it might not, but it’s a chance I’m willing to take … I want this to work!” he explains. 

“Sydney is very difficult, that is why I have moved to Noosa.  I never got the response [in Sydney] that I get from people in Noosa…” 

So now Noosa’s music scene is delighted to have Nick as a resident.


Nick Latta - Australian Singer/Songwriter.  Photo by Chrissy Layton, AusNotebook Music & Creative

Playing music since childhood beginning with percussion then turning to singing and learning the guitar, he has been in the business for about fifteen years.  Like most musicians, Nick’s writing is inspired by his life experiences including day-to-day occurrences and relationships.  He has been song writing for about six years and performed monthly gigs at The Basement in Sydney.

Despite several setbacks, Nick is strongly committed to the music business: “I think ninety per cent of original artists [entertain] solely because of their passion … I know in Sydney there is certainly no money in it!  There is no reward other than appreciation from your audience…”

His dreams of building a successful music career will definitely not be compromised in any way to achieve this.  Feeling strongly, he commits to being true to himself and would never pretend to be something he’s not in order to sell records.

“What I produce is because of me, not because of what the market wants or what the market will pay for.  [Being true to yourself] is very difficult for musicians but I will never change.”

Nick values the opportunity to perform with some very talented musicians and enjoys “just playing music in general, being able to play music comes from [the heart] and to play for other people: that is a highlight for me.”

“Music to me, I think, is very important in most people’s lives.  And being able to provide good music that they can connect with is a gift that not a lot of people can give”, he says.

Even though Nick doubts that he will ever be signed to a record label, he is happy to continue making music, for that is his passion.

So what does Nick hope to achieve now he has moved to Noosa?

“I’m looking forward to a simpler lifestyle for one, and just to play music.  Just play my guitar and sing to make a living”. 


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Nick's non profit/charity involvement is providing funding to support a child in Africa.


Article and photo by Chrissy Layton, AusNotebook Music & Creative 2/2/09

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